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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter August 8, 2007

Chemical composition of 36 Brazilian Amazon forest wood species

Marcos Antonio Eduardo Santana and Esmeralda Yoshico Arakaki Okino
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Woods of 36 tree species from the Brazilian Amazon forest have been extracted and analyzed by means of total hydrolysis. For each species, three trees were analyzed in duplicate. The sugars and other byproducts of hydrolysis were analyzed by HPLC. Uronic anhydrides and acid-soluble lignin were determined by colorimetric methods. Acid-insoluble lignin, ash, and extractive contents were analyzed gravimetrically. Each analysis was performed several times and the data were evaluated statistically. The average percentages for ash and extractives are presented. Quantitative data for sugars obtained by HPLC were recalculated for glucan, galactan, arabinan, and mannan contents. These data are presented together with quantitative data for acetyl groups, 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfuraldehyde, levulinic acid, uronic anhydride, acid-soluble and -insoluble lignin as summative analysis data based on an ash- and extractive-free basis, where, in an ideal case, the data should sum up to 100%. The summative results obtained varied from 96.0% to 99.6%, which is very satisfactory.

Corresponding author. Laboratório de Produtos Florestais-LPF/IBAMA, SCEN Trecho 02 - Ed. Sede do IBAMA, 70818-900 Brasília-DF, Brazil

Received: 2007-2-28
Accepted: 2007-5-2
Published Online: 2007-08-08
Published in Print: 2007-8-1

©2007 by Walter de Gruyter Berlin New York

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