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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton December 14, 2009

Intra-lingual pragmatic variation in the performance of reprimanding

  • Carmen García
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Using Spencer-Oatey's rapport management framework (Journal of Politeness Research 1: 95–119, 2005), this paper looks at regional pragmatic variation in Spanish by examining Peruvian, Venezuelan and Argentinean subjects when reprimanding. Results show that although the three groups favored the satisfaction of their transactional wants, there were differences between the three groups in terms of their behavioral expectations and respect/threat to their own and/or the interlocutor's identity face. Peruvians and Venezuelans exhibited a rapport-challenging orientation, while Argentineans preferred a rapport maintenance orientation. In addition, although Peruvians preferred an independent posture and were not interested in either protecting or threatening their own identity face, Venezuelans and Argentineans revealed a preference for interdependent self-construals and an interest, albeit weak, in protecting their identity face. Possible miscommunication in a hypothetical intra-lingual interchange between members of these three different cultural groups is noted.

Published Online: 2009-12-14
Published in Print: 2009-December

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