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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton August 21, 2009

[ATR] vowel harmony in Gaahmg – a six-vowel syst

Timothy M. Stirtz
From the journal


The little-described language, commonly known as Ingessana, has a vowel system that consists of the [–ATR] vowels [ε, ɔ, a] and the [+ATR] vowels [i, u, ə]. The [ATR] vowel harmony functions in roots and spreads across morpheme boundaries. There are several occurrences of vowel harmony spreading both rightward and leftward, as well as [+ATR] quality as a distinctive feature of one morpheme. The vowel harmony process commonly occurs in both noun and verb morphology, spreading from root to suffix and from suffix to root. The [+ATR] quality is always dominant regardless of the direction of spreading.

Published Online: 2009-08-21
Published in Print: 2009-August

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