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Capability of nilpotent products of cyclic groups II

Arturo Magidin
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In Part I it was shown that if G is a p-group of class k, generated by elements of orders , then a necessary condition for the capability of G is that r > 1 and . It was also shown that when G is the k-nilpotent product of the cyclic groups generated by those elements and k = p = 2 or k < p, then the given conditions are also sufficient. We make a correction related to the small class case, and extend the sufficiency result to k = p for an arbitrary prime p.

(Communicated by R. M. Guralnick)

Received: 2006-06-05
Revised: 2006-10-26
Published Online: 2007-07-26
Published in Print: 2007-07-20

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