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Anisotropic mesh adaptation technique for viscous flow simulation

V. Dolejší
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We present an efficient adaptive method for unstructured triangular meshes especially developed for the numerical simulation of viscous compressible flow. Thismethod uses the anisotropic mesh adaptation (AMA) technique introduced in [Dolejši, Computing and Visualization in Science 1: 165–178, 1998, Dolejši and Felcman, Numer. Meth. Part. Diff. Equations] with some additional improvement reflecting physical properties of viscous high speed flow. We summarize the AMA method with its geometrical interpretation and we describe the numerical solver, which uses the combination of finite volume and finite element methods. We show that the direct application of AMA technique is not suitable for the viscous flow simulation and we propose some modifications, namely for capturing boundary layers and a wake. Moreover an additional smoothing technique increasing the regularity of the triangulation is presented.

Received: 2000-11-14
Published Online: 2010-11-15
Published in Print: 2001-March

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