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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 21, 2007

Listing by Age and Occupation in Minoan Linear A

  • Alexander Uchitel
From the journal Kadmos


There are six lists of personnel in the Hagia Triada Linear A archives (HT 27a, 89, 94a, 100, 127b). Two of them are written on one tablet (HT 27a), and all of them are totalled, ending with the Minoan word ku-ro and a numeral (see table 1). The presence of the ideogram for man (VIR) and its variants (VIR+*313a, VIT+*313b, VIR+*313c) identifies all these texts as lists of personnel. Other groups of personnel are qualified by ideograms (*86, *304+PA, *305, *307, *65+*317+QE), syllabic signs used as ideograms (KI, KI+MU, KU, RE, TA, TI+A), and phonetically written words (i-mi-sa-ra, ki-da, ku-*305, ma-i-mi, sa-ra-di, ta-ra). The aim of the present article is to elucidate the possible meaning of some of these qualifications.

Published Online: 2007-05-21
Published in Print: 2007-02-20

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