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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 21, 2007

A Man from Halai? Problems with a-ra-o in the Theban Linear B Tablets

  • Margaretha Kramer-Hajos
From the journal Kadmos


The new Linear B tablets from Thebes, published by Aravantinos, Godart and Sacconi (Aravantinos et al. 2001), contain a wealth of information and have, with their possible references to Zeus, Mother Earth, and Mycenaean towns in Greece as well as in Asia Minor, shaken long-held perceptions of Mycenaean religion and ‘international relations’. On five of the tablets a ‘man from Halai’ (a-ra-o) is mentioned according to the editors (Aravantinos et al. 2001, 355). Based on this interpretation of the tablets the editors assume that in the Mycenaean administration the northeastern part of Boeotia and the southeastern part of East Lokris (Larymna and Halai; possibly even Mitrou and Proskynas; see Figure 1) belonged to Thebes, whereas the rest of East Lokris was outside Thebes' influence sphere; Aravantinos et al. draw the western border of Theban territory from Halai through Ptoon, then southwest through Thespiai and Kreusis (Aravantinos et al. 2001, 357), leaving a wide circle around Orchomenos (Figure 1).

Published Online: 2007-05-21
Published in Print: 2007-02-20

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