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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 13, 2008

‘Diktaian Master’: A Minoan Predecessor of Diktaian Zeus in Linear A?

  • Miguel Valério
From the journal Kadmos


The article concerns the Linear A form j/a-di-ki-te-te-du-pu2-re which occurs in four stone libation tablets from Palaikastro, in eastern Crete. The starting point of the present analysis is the element (-)du-pu2-re, which appears as a Wanderwort pertaining to the sphere of power and kingship, and is ultimately connected to the Hittite royal title tabarna-/labarna-. Hence, the whole form above should be rendered as ‘Diktaian Master (dat.)’ (vel. sim.), with clear reference to a Minoan deity predecessor of the later Diktaian Zeus.

Published Online: 2008-05-13
Published in Print: 2008-March

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