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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter March 16, 2010

Computational Processes: A Reply to Chalmers and Copeland

Cristian Cocos
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This paper comes in support of an idea advocated, among others, by Putnam and Searle according to which “computation is in the eyes of the beholder”, i.e. the question whether a physical system implements a computation is a subjective issue. The attacks mounted by David Chalmers and Jack Copeland against this ideology constitute, essentially, the subject of my critique: I have ventured to show that, to the extent to which notions like ‘causality’ and ‘physical system’ Are accepted and/or tolerated by the contemporary science of Physics, both attacks are rendered ineffective.

Published Online: 2010-03-16
Published in Print: 2002-November

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