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Property Delay (Remarks on “Phase Extension” by Marcel den Dikken)

David Pesetsky
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1. Truth in unpackaging

In his paper, den Dikken argues that several syntactic and semantic phenomena provide evidence for a package of proposals that includes the following four claims:

(1) Phase Extension

“Syntactic movement of the head H of a phase α up to the head X of the node β dominating α extends the phase up from α to β; α loses its phasehood in the process, and any constituent on the edge of α ends up in the domain of the derived phase β as a result of Phase Extension”. (den Dikken's (3))

(2) Phase Impenetrability Condition as in Chomsky (2000, passim) [PIC] “[I]n phase α with head H, the domain [of H] is not accessible to operations outside α, only H and its edge are accessible to such operations”. (den Dikken's (1))

(3) Adjunction Prohibition

“[A]djunction to meaningless categories is disallowed.”

(den Dikken's (18))

(4) Inherent Phase

“[A]n inherent phase is a predication (subject–predicate structure).”

(den Dikken's (2))

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