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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter July 29, 2009

Die Konzeptualisierung des Sprachraums als Teil des regionalsprachlichen Wissens

Alfred Lameli
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This study deals with the conceptualization of language distribution in space. Based on an examination of two generations, parallels and differences in the localization of active knowledge become apparent. Further, parallels and differences in the localization of speech samples are also demonstrated. The results show not only that 16-year-old pupils possess distinctive knowledge about language in space, but also that the conceptualization of dialects may dependent on specific stimuli. Obviously, knowledge about dialects is connected to individual experience. But at the same time it is indicated that the media, widely held responsible for the disappearance of dialects, have, at least in part, generated new regional knowledge.

Adresse des Verfassers: Dr. Alfred Lameli, Forschungszentrum Deutscher Sprachatlas, Hermann-Jacobsohn-Weg 3, D-35032 Marburg. E-Mail:

Online erschienen: 2009-07-29
Erschienen im Druck: 2009-July