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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Deutscher Kunstverlag (DKV) April 1, 2016

A Self-Portrait as Landscape Painter: Caspar David Friedrich and Phrenology

  • Nina Amstutz


A Self-Portrait as Landscape Painter: Caspar David Friedrich and Phrenology

The article explores a precocious moment of interest in how the brain mediates aesthetic perception. Around 1810, Caspar David Friedrich drew himself with several features that deviate from his earlier self-portraits, including two bumps between the brows at the root of the nose. These cranial protuberances were associated with a cognitive faculty that the phrenologist Franz Joseph Gall insisted is common among landscape painters: Ortssinn, characterized by a heightened ability to remember places and to measure distance and perspective. I argue that Friedrich’s drawing is a self-portrait as landscape painter, where the signifiers of identity are no longer conventional artistic or sartorial attributes but rather the contours of the cranium and, by implication, the fabric of the artist’s mind.


I would like to thank Mark A. Cheetham, Alison Syme, Charlotte Klonk, and the anonymous reviewer for their generous feedback, in addition to the audiences at Yale University, the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent, and the Universities Art Association of Canada conference, where I presented various versions of this essay.

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Published Online: 2016-04-01
Published in Print: 2016-04-01

© 2016 Nina Amstutz, published by De Gruyter

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