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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 23, 2006

Jesus' Action in the Temple: A Key or a Puzzle?

Alexander J. M Wedderburn
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Jesus entered the temple and began to drive out those selling and buying things there, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those selling doves, and refused to allow anyone to carry things through the temple. That is at least Mark's brief description of what happened (11,15–16), to which he adds the doubtless interpretative frame story of the cursing of the fig tree (11,12–14.20–21) together with Jesus' quotations from Isa 56,7 and Jer 7,11 (11,17). Some see, too, a link to 15,38: Jesus' act is for Mark ratified by the rending of the temple screen, which in turn symbolizes God's departure from the temple.

Published Online: 2006-06-23
Published in Print: 2006-01-26

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