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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag September 4, 2015

Mathematical analysis of time flow

Rudolf Hilfer
From the journal Analysis


The mathematical analysis of time flow in physical many-body systems leads to the study of long-time limits. This article discusses the interdisciplinary problem of local stationarity, how stationary solutions can remain slowly time dependent after a long-time limit. A mathematical definition of almost invariant and nearly indistinguishable states on C*-algebras is introduced using functions of bounded mean oscillation. Rescaling of time yields generalized time flows of almost invariant and macroscopically indistinguishable states, that are mathematically related to stable convolution semigroups and fractional calculus. The infinitesimal generator is a fractional derivative of order less than or equal to unity. Applications of the analysis are given to irreversibility and to a physical experiment.

Received: 2015-7-4
Accepted: 2015-8-4
Published Online: 2015-9-4
Published in Print: 2016-2-1

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