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On the Initial Function and Subsequent Evolution of Some Hurrian Affixes and Constructions

Margarit Khachikyan


The author claims that a) the encoding of the core constituents in the Old Hurrian perfective forms reveals some residual non-ergative (active) features, b) this preergative type of encoding coexisted with the ergative one, c) the mixed active-ergative type of encoding of Old Hurrian was replaced in Late (Mitannian) Hurrian by the typically ergative one, d) the language of the Tižadal-inscription, the earliest known Hurrian text, was not ergative.


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A agent

abs. absolutive

abl. ablative

dat. dative

dir. directive

erg. ergative

ess. essive

gen. genitive

O object

p. person

pl. plural

sg. singular

V verb

Published Online: 2016-11-29
Published in Print: 2016-12-1

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