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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter December 7, 2012

News from The European Optical Society

New Execom inaugurated at AGA

At the European Optical Society (EOS) Annual General Assembly (AGA) in Aberdeen (UK) on 26 September 2012, the results of the Board Election were presented to the membership, and the new Execom for the term 2012–2014 was inaugurated.

The EOS welcomes three new faces in the Board of Directors: Andreas Ettemeyer (CH), Seppo Honkanen (FI), and Patricia Segonds (FR). Pedro Andres (ES) and Giancarlo Righini (IT) were re-elected for a second term, which will last until 2014.

Paul Urbach (NL), who was elected to the EOS Board of Directors in 2008 and became President Elect in 2010, will be the society’s president until 2014. Urbach is a full Professor and head of the Optics Research Group of Delft University of Technology (NL) since 2008. He graduated in 1981 at the University of Groningen (NL) and completed his PhD thesis on the optimization of hydrodynamic propulsion in 1986. In the same year, he joined the Philips Research Laboratory in Eindhoven (NL), where he became the principal scientist in 1994. In 2000, he began his career as part-time Professor in diffraction optics in Delft.

He is succeeding Hervé Lefèvre, who was the EOS President from 2010 to 2012. Lefèvre stays on the EOS Board as Past President and takes over the chair of the EOS Fellowship and Prize Committee from Hans-Peter Herzig. Herzig leaves the Board after a term of 8 years and after being the society’s President from 2008 to 2010. The EOS expresses special thanks to Hans-Peter Herzig for having dedicated much effort and time to support the society and to enhance its visibility in Europe. Further, the EOS thanks Thomas Graft (DE) and Gilles Pauliat (FR) for their work in the EOS Board. As their terms end, both are leaving the Board.

Besides, two new members were elected to the EOS Execom: Seppo Honkanen (FI) as President Elect and Michael Pfeffer (DE) as Secretary of the Board. Seppo Honkanen is a member of the EOS Fellowship Committee and the Chairman of the EOS Affiliated Society Finnish Optical Society (FOS). Since 2012, he is a Professor of photonics at the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Eastern Finland. Michael Pfeffer joined the EOS Board in 2011 as the representative of the DGaO, the German Society for Applied Optics. Pfeffer is a Professor and Vice Rector for Research and International Relations of the Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, University of Applied Science (DE), teaching and researching in optics, physical instrument design, and nanotechnology. He was the DGaO chairman from 2008 to 2012.

The EOS Execom

Paul Urbach (NL) – President

Seppo Honkanen (FI) – President Elect

Hervé Lefèvre – Past President

Ralf Bergmann (DE) – Treasurer

Michael Pfeffer (DE) – Secretary of the Board

Roberta Ramponi (IT) – EU Representative

Valentin Vlad (RO) – Chairman of the Advisory Committee

Klaus Nowitzki (DE) – Executive Director

EOS Prize 2012 goes to JEOS:RP article on ‘Low-Cost Production of Computer-Generated Holograms’

Presenting a low-cost fabrication technique for the mass production of diffractive optical elements and computer-generated holograms, the JEOS:RP article on ‘Low-cost production of computer-generated holograms: from design to optical evaluation’ was awarded the EOS Prize at the Annual General Assembly 2012 in Aberdeen, Scotland (UK).

The EOS congratulates Ignacio Moreno1, Antonio Martínez-García1, Lukasz Nieradko2,3, Jorge Albero2, and Christophe Gorecki2 [1Departamento de Ciencia de Materiales, Optica y Tecnología Electrónica, Universidad Miguel Hernández (ES); 2Département MN2S, FEMTO-ST (UMR CNRS 6174), UFR Sciences (FR); 3Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+(PL)].

Ignacio Moreno, who on behalf of his peers received the prize, took the opportunity to introduce the work to the audience, while Hans Peter Herzig, the chairman of the prize committee, pointed out the reasons for the selection – like the work being ‘the result of a European collaboration between researchers from Spain, France, and Poland’, and ‘a serious engineering work focused on a realistic problem’ that includes ‘a complete report of the different stages of CGH production, from the design until mass fabrication’.

 Receiving the EOS Prize 2012 ‘is a great honour for me and for all the co-authors’, said Ignacio Moreno, one of the award-winning authors (Copyrights: EOS).

Receiving the EOS Prize 2012 ‘is a great honour for me and for all the co-authors’, said Ignacio Moreno, one of the award-winning authors (Copyrights: EOS).

The EOS Prize consists of €1,500 and a certificate. The complete paper is freely available at

EOS Fellows 2012 announced

In 2012, 11 EOS members were nominated to the rank of Fellowship:

Benoit Boulanger (FR), for his seminal contributions to the study of parametric processes in nonlinear crystals and his efficient action for the photonics community.

Joseph Braat (NL; EOS president from 2004 to 2006), for his achievements and fundamental contributions in optical data storage and optical lithography as well as for his great efforts and support in establishing and strengthening the EOS online journal JEOS:RP.

Maria Calvo (ES), for her achievements in research in optics and biomedicine and for serving the optics community at ICO.

Juan Campos (ES), for his achievements in optical image processing, liquid crystal panels modeling, optical deflectometry metrology, and for serving the international optics community.

John Dudley (NZ, IE, FR), for his studies of the physics and applications of nonlinear ultrafast optics, particularly fiber supercontinuum generation.

Gerd Häusler (DE), for his outstanding contributions to the field of optical 3D metrology.

Enrique Hita (ES), for his contributions to research and education in color and optometry, and for serving the Spanish Optical Society.

Risto Myllylä (FI; Deputy Chairman of the EOS Advisory Committee), for his important role in connecting engineers and physicists in European photonics research, education, and industry.

Demetri Psaltis (CH), for his pioneering research in optics, including optical neural networks, holographic memories, and optofluidics.

Nabeel Riza (IE), for inventions of extreme environment optical sensors and imaging instruments for coherent and incoherent light.

Gert von Bally (DE), for his contributions in the field of medical optics and biophotonics.

The highest membership category of the society is awarded annually to distinguished EOS members, who have made significant research contributions to the diverse fields of optics and photonics, have served the optics and photonics community and/or have made a special contribution to EOS.

Today, the EOS counts 71 fellow members.

Student Awards at EOSAM 2012

At this year’s EOS Annual Meeting (EOSAM), held in Aberdeen, Scotland (UK) from 25 to 28 September 2012, seven Topical Meetings as well as an education workshop were held. Each Topical Meeting awarded prizes for the best student oral and best poster presentation.

EOSAM 2012 was attended by around 450 experts from optics and photonics, among those many students and PhD students. To give the students special visibility among the many presentations, their contributions were especially highlighted in the program. Each student presentation was eligible to the Student Presentation Award, which honors outstanding contributions from students to encourage them to continue their research. The prize consists of an EOS student membership for 2013, a book sponsored by Springer, and a diploma.

The winner contributions of EOSAM 2012 Best Student Presentation Award are:

TOM 1 – Biophotonics

Best student oral presentations: Josep Mas, Universitat de Barcelona (ES): ‘Optical force measurements in living A549 cells’ and Romy Schachoff, University of Leipzig (DE): ‘Twin-focus photothermal correlation spectroscopy’

Best student poster presentation: Helen Rendall, University of St Andrews (UK): ‘High-throughput optical injection of mammalian cells using a Bessel beam’

TOM 2 – Silicon Photonics

Best student oral presentation: Mark Scullion, University of St Andrews (UK): ‘Losses in slotted photonic crystal waveguides’

Best student poster presentation: Rob Topley, Southampton University (UK): ‘Planar Bragg gratings in silicon on insulator fabricated using oxide synthesis’

TOM 3 – Nanophotonics and Metamaterials

Best student oral presentation: Charlie Koechlin, LPN-CNRS; ONERA (FR): ‘Patchwork of sub-wavelength antennas for photon sorting and wideband absorption’

Best student poster presentation: Silvia Romano, CNR-IMM – Unità di Napoli (IT): ‘Enhanced nonlinear optical effects with a self-collimating photonic crystal’

TOM 4 – Micro-Optics

Best student oral presentation: Jean Sauvage-Vincent, Hologramm Industries; Laboratoire Hubert Curien (FR): ‘Optical security device for document protection using plasmon resonant transmission through a thin corrugated metallic film embedded on a plastic foil’

Best student poster presentation: David Nečas, Masaryk University (CZ): ‘Optical characterization of thin films non-uniform in thickness using multisample method of imaging spectroscopic reflectometry’

TOM 5 – Organic Photonics and Electronics

Best student oral presentation: Yue Wang, University of St Andrews (UK): ‘Nanoimprinted polymer lasers pumped by light-emitting diodes’

Best student poster presentation: Sebastian Wood, Imperial College London (UK): ‘Controlling morphology of polymer: polymer blends for solar cells using nanowire formation and molecular weight variation’

TOM 6 – Nonlinear Photonics

Best student oral presentation: Benjamin Wetzel, Université de Franche-Comté (FR): ‘Randomness and random walks in supercontinuum generation’

Best student poster presentation: Liye Shan, Institut d’Optique (FR): ‘Optimal nanofiber dimensions for stimulated Raman scattering in the evanescent field’

TOM 7 – Optical Systems for the Energy and Production Industries

Best student oral presentation: Roman Kleindienst, Technische Universität Ilmenau (DE): ‘Micro-nano integration of III-N nanowire based opto-chemical detector’

Best student poster presentation: Denis Kamenev, Tomsk State University (RU): ‘Pilot model of submersible camera for plankton digital holography’

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