AOT – Advanced Optical Technologies

THOSS Media & De Gruyter | Published online: April 3, 2013

Advanced Optical Technologies is a new journal on optical engineering and manufacturing with an innovative concept addressing the needs of the industrial and scientific optics community which includes:

  • New format of Tutorials devoted to optics research in academia and industry

  • Highest quality standards with double peer reviewing

  • Registered at ISI for an impact factor

  • No page or color charges, optional Open Access available

Advanced optical technologies is now open for submission. You may submit your Tutorial, Review or Research Article, Letter or Views Article online on our website


Advanced Optical Technologies embraces the fields of optical science and optical engineering. In particular, the journal will cover the following topics:

Partnering Societies

Advanced Optical Technologies is published in partnership with the European Optical Society EOS and will be offered for free to the more than 5500 society members in the inaugural years 2012 and 2013.

Editorial Board

Submission details and contacts

Author Guidelines & Submission:

Author support: Holger Kleessen,

Phone: +49 - 30 32 52 89 29,


Editor in Chief: Michael Pfeffer,

Phone: +49 - 75 15 01 95 39,


Published Online: 2013-04-03
Published in Print: 2013-04-01

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