Andreas Thoss and Michael Pfeffer

AOT is giving back: 10 Best reviews and tutorials for free

De Gruyter | Published online: June 2, 2015

When we started the journal, Advanced Optical Technologies, we had a vision to bring together scientific research and industry perspective in modern optics in a high level publication. Accordingly, we focused on tutorials and reviews as the most appropriate formats, particularly for readers from the industry.

AOT started in 2012; we published 61 papers, including 14 tutorials and 21 review articles in the first year. At the time, we already had reader registrations from more than 40 countries worldwide. The interest was the greatest in the USA, while we offered free access for 5,000+ mostly European members of our partner society, the European Optical Society (EOS).

Since then, we have published special issues on a large range of topics related to modern optics:

  • Active imaging

  • Consumer optics

  • Green photonics

  • Illumination and lighting technology

  • Image sensor devices

  • Integrated photonic devices

  • Lithography

  • Microoptics

  • Optical design

  • Optical instruments in life science/ microscopy

  • Optical materials

  • Optical coatings

  • Optical metrology

  • Opto mechanical engineering

  • Optics for astronomy

  • Optics for material processing

  • Polymer optics

  • Precision fabrication

  • Remote sensing devices

  • Standards (planned in 2015)

Giving back

Thanks to the thorough work of AOT authors and reviewers, we were able to collect a large number of insights on the main topics of applied optics in the 21st century. We have now selected 10 reviews and tutorials from the various fields and have given them back to the community in 1000 free copies of the journal.

It is worth mentioning that all scientific articles in AOT are subject to a double peer review by experts in the field. Their careful, yet speedy work allowed us to reduce average processing times, from submission to decision, to 49 days in 2014. All AOT reviewers receive public recognition in the January issue of the subsequent year.

What’s next?

Within the last 3 years, we covered a large number of interesting topics in the field of applied optics. Now, we will add some focus issues on new trends plus some updates on flourishing fields. The topics for the issues scheduled for the near future are:

  • Microlithography

  • Standards in optics

  • Computational optics

  • Spatial light Modulation: devices, materials and applications

  • Lighting

Beside the focus topics, AOT intends to publish papers from all fields of applied optics. These free submissions are published in a separate section in each issue.

Beyond the scientific papers, AOT reports conference reports and regular news from our partner society, EOS. Furthermore, we introduced a column called VIEWS, where people from the academic community as well as from the industry can publish essential information that might not directly match the criteria of scientific papers. These are market reviews, interviews or even individual views on the development of topics relevant to the optics community.

After all, it is a challenge and a great pleasure to develop this publication platform with the optics community in the industry and academia. For further improvements, we appreciate all kinds of feedback; please do not hesitate to contact us. You may contact us via email, our website: or through various social media.

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Thoss


Michael Pfeffer


Published Online: 2015-6-2
Published in Print: 2015-6-1

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