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De Gruyter | Published online: June 2, 2015

The European Optical Society (EOS) is once again a partner for the World of Photonics Congress (WPC), held in Munich, June 21–25, 2015. At this, Europe’s leading congress on photonics, the EOS will hold the traditional conferences on Optofluidics (EOSOF) and Manufacturing and Testing of Optical Components (EOSMTOC), with new conferences on Optomechanical and Light Engineering (EOSOME and EOSLE).

During the congress, EOS members have a chance to take part in the EOS Annual General Assembly (AGA), EOS students have the opportunity to visit with some of the leading industrial companies in the field of optics and photonics, and all attendees are invited to join the various festivities surrounding the Year of Light.

This is indeed a special year to be attending the WPC, as the Year of Light celebrations add to the splendid program. Related to the Light2015 project the EOS will launch two awards at the WPC:

  • A Young Photonics Entrepreneur Award to honor an individual who has made outstanding technical and/or innovative contributions to the photonics industry

  • A Young Women in Photonics Award to honor a young female scientist who has made outstanding contributions to photonics

Due to the vast number of outstanding applications, the award committee decided to present two Young Women in Photonics Awards. The award winners will be announced in a ceremony on Wednesday, June 24. The awards will have a continuing tradition, and will be presented bi-annually at the EOSAM Symposium, starting in 2016.

Also regarding the LIGHT2015 project, a special highlight for the Year of Light will take place during the international “100 Hours/Weekend of Light” on September 25–28. LIGHTtalks ‘The Power of Photonics’events in more than 20 cities all over Europe take place during the same weekend. They will be targeted at local industry and entrepreneurs. All the events will be organized by the EOS in collaboration with local societies or clusters. You should contact the EOS office to ask for further information about the events and special funding available for the organizers.

Industry will also play a key role in EOSAM 2016. In addition to maintaining the high scientific level, the goal is to increase the number of companies in the industrial exhibition. The EOSAM will once again be held in Adlershof, Berlin (Germany) in the autumn of 2016. Adlershof is Germany’s leading Science and Technology Park with about 1000 businesses and 16 scientific institutes. More than 25 000 people work and study there. The Berlin-Brandenburg region is home to one of the most significant clusters for optics technologies in Europe and many of these businesses are based at Adlershof.

I will see you in Munich!

Best regards,

Elina Koistinen

Conference Manager, Communications Manager

European Optical Society

Published Online: 2015-6-2
Published in Print: 2015-6-1

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