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EOS NEWS: Coherence for Europe – Uniting Industry with Academia

One of the aims of the European Optical Society is to narrow the gap between industry and research. There are many activities around Europe tightening the collaboration between these two domains. The European National Optical Societies are each contributing to the cause in their countries.

In the EOSAM 2016 symposium, to be held in Adlershof, Berlin, September 26–30, the European Optical Society gathers researchers and organizations under the same roof. The industrial part of the conference will be extended in 2016, bringing together the research and implementation through industry. Industrial sessions will expand the aspects of the topical meetings, joining research and industry. Similarly, in the 2017 Munich World of Photonics Congress and Exhibition, the industry is brought under the same roof with academic research. This might be one of the reasons the Congress is so widely popular. The EOS will once again be part of the congress in 2017 with scientific conferences.

In the EOSAM 2016, the EOS will also award the most accomplished Young Photonics Entrepreneur, honoring the contributions made by the individual in photonics. In 2015, the Award was presented to Dr. Garret D. Cole, Crystalline Mirror Solutions LLC & GmbH. An Award will also be presented to the Young Women in Photonics. Read more on the 2015 Award Winners:

Via the LIGHT2015 project,, the EOS aims at increasing the interest of industry in photonics. The aim is to have a similar LIGHTtalk: the Power of Photonics event in 28 European countries, targeting the industry. The event organizers get funding to implement the action in their country. These events have already been held in Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Croatia, Germany, and Slovakia. There is still funding left to organize LIGHTtalk events. To organize a LIGHTtalk for industry, please contact Ms. Elina Koistinen, or visit

LIGHTtalks are also being organized targeting students and entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of photonics and the possibilities of making a career in photonics. See the video:

Many of the National Optical Societies aim at actively combining research with industry. In France, the French Optical Society (SFO) promotes optics and photonics as a scientific discipline and as a vector of technologic innovation in various industries, largely related to physics phenomena and to the use of light-based technologies. The SFO maintains partnerships with academics, industrials, national and international organisms and bi-annually gathers this community at a national optical congress. The congress is next held in 2016 in Bordeaux, facilitating the exchange of ideas and works across disciplines. The congress includes special sessions for industry and pedagogy. The exposition offers a space for industrials to expose new materials and technologies in optics and photonics. At the heart of the congress, this exposition is an excellent networking opportunity between industrials and young scientists.

In Finland, the Photonics Finland (PF), a national photonics network, brings together the academia and industry. A few months ago, the Photonics Finland organized the Northern Optics & Photonics conference (NOP2015) in Finland. This event is related to optics and photonics and held every 3 years in the Nordic countries. The conference was, for the first time, divided into an academic and industry track, which turned out a successful change. Bringing together the academia and industry is one of the goals also for the PF, which seems to have succeeded. ‘This is a great asset in developing national activities. Nearly 50 organizations have joined our society and new members are joining in at a steady paste. Research institutes are also acknowledging the significance of the society. In the future, PF aims at having an official status as a national operator also toward the Finnish Government’ (Juha Purmonen, the Chief Operating Officer of the Photonics Finland Association). Photonics Finland also helps the domestic and foreign companies to utilize the available specialists on photonics, optics, electronics, and programming.

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Elina Koistinen, Conference Manager, Communications Manager at the European Optical Society.

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