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Reviewer recognition and new plans for 2017

Andreas Thoss and Michael Pfeffer

When we look back at 2016 it has been – again – a very good year for optics and photonics. Major companies such as the German Carl Zeiss or Trumpf groups reported best-ever financial results. When Coherent Inc. took over Rofin Sinar, a new giant for industrial photonics was born. And not only scientists were excited when the newspaper reported on the first detection of gravitational waves using truly exceptional laser technology.

Our journal Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT) once more showed some solid development. We published a number of topical issues on highly interesting fields of applied optics:

  • Optical 3D sensing,

  • Plastic optics,

  • Aspheric optics,

  • Illumination optics, and

  • Optics for material processing.

Each issue featured at least one article with free access, what we call ‘Editor’s choice’. Among those article were highlights such as:

‘Process influences and correction possibilities for high precision injection molded freeform optics’ (Lars Dick et al.), ‘Metrology for the production process of aspheric lenses’ (Andreas Beutler) and ‘Signal lights – designed light for rear lamps and new upcoming technologies: innovations in automotive lighting’ (Martin Mügge et al.)

Once again, we would like to mention that all this depends on the great voluntary work of the authors and the reviewers. While the first can be judged upon by their articles, the latter work in the background. Nevertheless, peer review is a cornerstone of the scientific process! Almost 90% of the submitted articles go into a revision process, and there helpful and inspiring feedback of the reviewers leads to an improved article.

In 2014 began to recognize our peer reviewers with a public acknowledgment and I am happy to make this a tradition. The following is a list of all the reviewers’ names:

2016 reviewers in Advanced Optical Technologies

Goran Baer

Hartmut Bartelt

Stefan Bäumer

Matthias Beier

Pablo Benitez

Julie Bentley

Joris Biskop

Christian Bräuer-Burchardt

Robert Brunner

John D. Bullough

Bernd Buxbaum

William Cassarly

Ya Cheng

Rien de Schipper

Fabian Duerr

Jörg Eberhardt

Ulrike Fuchs

Wei Gao

Jason Geng

David Gillen

Antoine Godard

Stefan Heist

Alois Herkommer

Christoph Hölen

Wei-Yao Hsu

Cheng-Sheng Huang

Stephan Hußmann

Peter G. Kazansky

Qian Kemao

Muneharu Kuwata

Matthew Kyrish

Roland Lachmayer

Frederik Laurell

Michel Lefebvre

Daan Lenstra

Nils Lippok

Xiaoli Liu

Mingwu Lu

Yongfeng Lu

Christos Markos

Christoph Menke

Antonin Miks

Martin Mügge

Paul Murphy

Julius Muschaweck

Cornelius Neumann

Jiri Novak

Matthew O’Toole

Antonio Palucci

YongKeun Park

Valentin Petrov

Werner Preuß

Christof Pruss

Eduard Reithmeier

John R. Rogers

Jannick Rolland

Thilo Sandner

Michael Schaub

Robert Schmitt

Jim Schwiegerling

David Shealy

Jonathan D. Shephard

Zhenwei Shi

Viktor Sivokon

Robert Smythe

Weihong Song

Marco Speich

Franco Stellari

Sergei Stepanov

Christopher Supranowitz

Robert Tamburo

Satoshi Tomioka

Michael Totzeck

Rainer Tutsch

Wilhelm Ulrich

Michael Vervaeke

Kenneth Weir

Jacek Wojtanowski

James Wyant

Akira Yabe

Hang Zhou Yang

Allen Yi

Hans Zappe

Xiang-Hua Zhang

Qican Zhang

If we look at the journal statistics this also provides us with good news. The average processing time for a paper from submission to first decision in AOT was about 30 days. Letters were processed faster, review articles a bit slower. The average time reviewers needed for their work was 12 days, a record in all 6 years of AOT. Nine percent of all papers were rejected, a fact that is strongly influenced by the careful work of our guest editors.

It cannot be said often enough: All the reviewers deserve our cordial gratitude, as there would be no journal without their voluntary service. The work of the reviewers and the feedback from the community is a constant impetus for the editorial team to keep thinking how we can improve the service and finally, about how we can make this journal an even more valuable resource for the optics community.

New board members and plans for 2017

First, we are pleased to officially welcome several new board members, who joined in January 2017:

  • Koji Sugioka – RIKEN, Kyoto University and Tokyo Denki University, Japan

  • Hans Tholl – Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Co. KG, Ueberlingen, Germany

Both have supported the journal as guest editors already. We are looking forward to working with them on further improvements of the journal! We would also like to turn your attention to the topics AOT will focus on in the new year. At the moment two topical issues are in preparation:

  • Optics in security systems

    Guest editors: Hans Tholl (Diehl BGT Defense, Überlingen, Germany), Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers (DLR and Humboldt University Berlin, Germany)

  • Optical nanostructuring

    Guest editors: Helmut Schift (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland), Jan van Schoot (ASML, The Netherlands)

One more issue is planned together with the team from the Frontiers in Optical Coating FOC conference in China. It will take place from 22 to 26 October 2017 in Guangzhou. We offer participants of the conference the opportunity to publish papers related to their presentations in AOT issue 5/2017.

It should be mentioned that our topical issues are open for submissions to their specific direction as well as for other papers which will be published in a separate section in each issue. Furthermore, we have developed the format of Views papers, where people from the academic community as well as from industry can publish essential information that might not directly match the criteria of scientific publications. Those are market reviews, interviews or even individual views on the development of topics relevant to the optics community.

After all, it is a challenge and a great pleasure to develop this publication platform with the optics community in industry and academia. For further improvements we would appreciate all kinds of feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may contact us via email, through our website or in various social media.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,

Andreas Thoss


Michael Pfeffer


Published Online: 2017-1-30
Published in Print: 2017-2-1

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