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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter August 10, 2019

Fabrication of bio-inspired 3D nanoimprint mold using acceleration-voltage-modulation electron-beam lithography

Kohei Goto and Jun Taniguchi EMAIL logo


Methods for fabricating micro- and nanoscale three-dimensional (3D) structures such as electron-beam lithography (EBL) attracted attention in various fields. In EBL, an acceleration-voltage modulation method can be used to control the developing depth of the structure. In this study, we fabricated a rose petal structure using acceleration-voltage modulation. Using a rose petal mold, plastic- and silver-duplicated rose petals were prepared using nano-imprint lithography (NIL). We demonstrated that various complex 3D structures and materials can be duplicated using NIL by applying an acceleration-voltage modulation method.


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Received: 2019-02-01
Accepted: 2019-03-15
Published Online: 2019-08-10
Published in Print: 2019-06-26

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