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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter December 28, 2016

Lethal Angiostrongylus vasorum infection in a Hungarian dog

Tibor Benda, Ágnes Csivincsik, Csaba Nemes, Janka Turbók, Attila Zsolnai, Erika Simonyai, Gábor Majoros and Gábor Nagy
From the journal Acta Parasitologica


During post-mortem examination of lungs and heart of a 7-month-old female French bulldog, 158 worms were collected from the lung vessels and they proved Angiostrongylus vasorum by their morphological and genetic identification by PCR. The histopathological investigation found a multifocal interstitial inflammation characterized by numerous lymphocytes and a smaller number of plasma cells and eosinophils whilst L1 stage larvae could be seen inside dilated alveoli. We suggested a lethal angiostrongylosis supposed to lead to a fatal effect. Our report attracts attention to the presence of the nematode A. vasorum as causative agent of canine cardiopulmonary disorder in the south-western region of Hungary.


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Received: 2016-4-14
Revised: 2016-8-5
Accepted: 2016-9-29
Published Online: 2016-12-28
Published in Print: 2017-3-1

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