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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter January 4, 2006

Verdichteter kultureller Austausch in Kontaktzonen. Die “Lateinamerikanisierung” der Vereinigten Staaten

  • Yvette Sánchez
From the journal arcadia


Contact involves assembly and intersection. The Latin American population of the U.S. is growing rapidly, becomes increasingly active in the dominant culture, and overcomes its subcultural status. The hybrid, rhizomatic, and transcultural Latino identity is also related to a geographical proximity to the former home countries (migrants turn into commuters). Increasing self-esteem and self-representation bring about a thriving Latino literature in both Spanish and English, often situated in transit zones, at border crossings between North and South (customs, airports, aeroplanes, boats, even reservations or prisons). These experimental zones of encounters provoke interesting images of climatic and microclimatic situations (e.g. preoccupation with snow) and stimulate humorous transgressions, full of quaint ideas and comic relief. Witness a reservation for expelled WASPS in South Beach, Miami or Elvis Presley’s spirit trying to reenter the United States from Mexico and experiencing a stage comeback amidst the searchlights and helicopters of the border patrol.

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