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La Sarvāṅgayogapradīpikā de Sundardās : une classification des chemins de yoga au 17e siècle

Maya Burger


Sant Sundardās (1596–1689) wrote in the beginning of 17th century a versified exposition on yoga, a text entitled Sarvāṅgayogapradīpikā, in Brajbhāṣā. This text is a systematic summary and classification of the various yogas known at his time and constitutes an important source of knowledge for the study of yoga in the 17th century in a regional language. Such an attempt of classifying 12 types of yoga is testimony to a trend of his epoch to systematise the available knowledge of a branch or discipline. The classification is evaluative and shows which yogas are acceptable and which are not. In his specific case advaitayoga is the supreme yoga and unifies or encompasses all the others. His conceptual endeavour places him inside the long tradition of yoga and his classification shows interest in yoga beyond the haṭhayoga much in vogue at his time. This rarely studied work is hence an important document in the long history of yoga.

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