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Woerner-Powell, Tom: Another Road to Damascus: An Integrative Approach to ‘Abd al-Qādir al-Jazā’irī (1808–1883)

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Woerner-Powell Tom. Another Road to Damascus: An Integrative Approach to ‘Abd al-Qādir al-Jazā’irī (1808–1883). Berlin: De Gruyter 2017. vi, 260 S. ISBN 978-3-11-049699-4.

Corresponding author: Ulrich Brandenburg, Asien-Orient-Institut, Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland, E-mail:

This publication is part of the research project “Fragmented Sovereignties in the Colonial Age: ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Jazāʾirī (1808–1883) and the Making of an ‘Arab Hero,’” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


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Published Online: 2022-06-15
Published in Print: 2022-03-28

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