Accessible Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter February 23, 2013

Multicriteria similarity models for medical diagnostic support algorithms

Andrzej Ameljańczyk


The paper presents a general procedure model for the identification of diagnostic medical patterns based on multicriteria assessment of similarity. A general similarity detection area was defined, in which a pattern recognition optimization problem was formulated. An exemplary algorithm supporting the process of determining the initial medical diagnosis based on the identified disease symptoms and risk factors is presented. The presented algorithm allows for determining a set of diseases from which there is none more probable, and their ranking.

Corresponding author: Andrzej Ameljańczyk, Faculty of Cybernetics, Military University of Technology, 2 Kaliskiego Street, 00-908 Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland

Received: 2012-11-13
Revised: 2013-1-9
Accepted: 2013-1-11
Published Online: 2013-02-23
Published in Print: 2013-03-01

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