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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter February 5, 2014

TD-PCI system based on an angle modulation for in vivo measurements of the human eye

  • Andreas Prinz EMAIL logo , Haroun Al-Mohamedi , Theo Oltrup , Guido Mieskes and Thomas Bende


In this study, a “time domain” system based on a partial coherence interferometry method is presented. The classic technique of varying the reference arm using a linear motor is replaced by the use of a rotating glass cube. The theoretical definition of the variation of the optical path length and first measurements in a human model eye and a real human eye are presented.

Corresponding author: Andreas Prinz, Stiftungslabor für Grundlagenforschung, Universitäts-Augenklinik Tübingen, D-72074 Tuebingen, Germany, Phone: +49-7071-9755061, Fax: +49-7071-9755066, E-mail:


We would like to gratefully acknowledge the “Stiftungslabor für Grundlagenforschung in der AHK – University Eye Hospital Tuebingen” for the financial support.


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Received: 2013-8-15
Accepted: 2014-1-13
Published Online: 2014-2-5
Published in Print: 2014-6-1

©2014 by Walter de Gruyter Berlin/Boston

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