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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 18, 2017

Development concepts of a Smart Cyber Operating Theater (SCOT) using ORiN technology

  • Jun Okamoto EMAIL logo , Ken Masamune , Hiroshi Iseki and Yoshihiro Muragaki


Currently, networking has not progressed in the treatment room. Almost every medical device in the treatment room operates as a stand-alone device. In this project, we aim to develop a networked operating room called “Smart Cyber Operating Theater (SCOT)”. Medical devices are connected using Open Resource interface for the Network (ORiN) technology. In this paper, we describe the concept of the SCOT project. SCOT is integrated using the communication interface ORiN, which was originally developed for industry. One feature of ORiN is that the system can be constructed flexibly. ORiN creates abstracts of the same type of devices and increases the robustness of the system for device exchange. By using ORiN technology, we are developing new applications, such as decision-making navigation or a precision guided treatment system.


This system is supported by the project “Research and development of advanced medical devices and systems to achieve the future of medicine/Development of a smart treatment chamber for the improvement of both medical safety and efficiency” being carried out by AMED (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development). The authors would also like to thank Hiroshima University, Shinshu University, Tohoku University, Denso Corporation, Mizuho Corporation, Pioneer Corporation, Hitachi Medical Corporation, Nihon Kohden Corporation, Central Uni Co., Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation, Air Water Inc. and Hitachi, Ltd., for participating in the project.


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Received: 2017-1-10
Accepted: 2017-10-24
Published Online: 2017-11-18
Published in Print: 2018-2-23

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