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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 28, 2017

Boswell’s ἄρρενας ἀρρενοκοῖται (Anthologia Palatina 9.686)

George M. Hollenback
From the journal Byzantinische Zeitschrift


John Boswell has attempted to make a case based on AP 9.686 that the ἀρρενο- in ἀρρενοκοῖται describes the subject of the word: ἀρρενοκοῖται are males (ἀρρενο‐) who bed with (κοῖτ‐) others, be they male or female. This note debunks Boswell’s claim, demonstrating that ἀρρενο- is the object of the word, ἀρρενοκοῖται being males (the word being taken as masculine plural) who bed with other males (ἀρρενο‐).

Published Online: 2017-10-28
Published in Print: 2017-10-26

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