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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton June 25, 2013

Identification of Mandarin coarticulated tones by inexperienced and experienced English learners of Mandarin

Yunjuan He and Ratree Wayland


Two groups of native English speakers, relatively inexperienced (N = 14) with 3 months of Mandarin study and relatively more experienced (N = 14) with 12 months of study, were asked to identify coarticulated Mandarin lexical tones in disyllabic words. The results show that 1) the experienced learners were better at identifying Mandarin tones than the inexperienced learners, 2) Tones in coarticulation were more difficult to identify than tones in isolation, 3) tonal context and syllable position affected tonal perception, and 4) experienced learners committed fewer tonal direction errors than inexperienced learners. However, experienced learners still made a considerable amount of tonal height errors.

Published Online: 2013-06-25
Published in Print: 2013-06-24

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