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Comparison study of two commercially available methods for the determination of golimumab and anti-golimumab antibody levels in patients with rheumatic diseases

Sergio Martín, Ainhoa Ruiz del Agua, Nerea Torres, Dora Pascual-Salcedo, Chamaida Plasencia, Begoña Ruiz-Argüello, Antonio Martínez, Rosaura Navarro and Daniel Nagore

Corresponding author: Daniel Nagore, Department of Research and Development, Progenika SA, ParqueTecnológico de Bizkaia 504, 48100, Derio, Spain, Phone: +34 944 064525, Fax: +34 944 064526, E-mail:


SM is supported by a Zabalduz predoctoral grant from UPV/EHU. The authors thank Simon Santa Cruz for critical review of the manuscript, and all the technicians from the R&D department for technical support.

Author contributions: All the authors have accepted responsibility for the entire content of this submitted manuscript and approved submission.

Financial support: None declared.

Employment or leadership: AR, NT, BR, AM and DN are employed by Progenika Biopharma, S.A.

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Received: 2015-3-17
Accepted: 2015-4-14
Published Online: 2015-5-6
Published in Print: 2015-10-1

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