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International Normalized Ratio (INR) testing: analytical and clinical performance of four point-of-care devices versus central laboratory instrumentation analysis

Erwin Kemna, Wilma Jentink, Irmgard te Molder and Ingeborg Straalman

Corresponding author: Erwin Kemna, Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology, Queen Beatrix Hospital, Beatrixpark 1, 7101 BN Winterswijk, The Netherlands, Phone: +31 543 544381, Fax: +31 543 524265, E-mail:


1. Lassen JF, Brandslund I, Antonsen S. International normalized ratio for prothrombin times in patients taking oral anticoagulants: critical difference and probability of significant change in consecutive measurements. Clin Chem 1995;41:444–7.Search in Google Scholar

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Received: 2015-6-9
Accepted: 2015-7-21
Published Online: 2015-8-11
Published in Print: 2016-3-1

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