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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter February 23, 2019

Clarifying methodological issues in cannabinoids determination in bronchoalveolar lavages

  • Maria Concetta Rotolo , Manuela Pellegrini , Paola Martucci , Raffaela Giacobbe , Angela De Palma , Roberta Pacifici EMAIL logo , Simona Pichini , Francesco Paolo Busardò and Mario Bisconti

Corresponding author: Dr. Roberta Pacifici, National Centre on Addiction and Doping, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Viale Regina Elena 299, 00161 Rome, Italy, Phone: +39 06 49902909, Fax: +39 06 49902016

  1. Author contributions: All the authors have accepted responsibility for the entire content of this submitted manuscript and approved submission.

  2. Research funding: None declared.

  3. Employment or leadership: None declared.

  4. Honorarium: None declared.

  5. Competing interests: The funding organization(s) played no role in the study design; in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; in the writing of the report; or in the decision to submit the report for publication.


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Received: 2018-12-26
Accepted: 2018-12-28
Published Online: 2019-02-23
Published in Print: 2019-03-26

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