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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 19, 2023

Laboratory medicine unveiling an unusual cause of D-lactic acidosis as the trigger of decompensation of a rare inborn error of metabolism

  • Charles R. Lefèvre ORCID logo EMAIL logo , Elise Sacaze , Léna Damaj , Paul Rollier , Marie Lenski , Camille Le Stradic , Claude Bendavid , Pascal Reynier , Xavier Dieu , Delphine Prunier , Caroline Moreau and Chadi Homedan

Corresponding author: Charles R. Lefèvre, Laboratoire de Biochimie-Toxicologie, Hôpital Pontchaillou, CHU de Rennes, 2 rue Henri Le Guilloux, 35000, Rennes, France, E-mail:

  1. Research funding: Not applicable.

  2. Author contributions: All authors have accepted responsibility for the entire content of this submitted manuscript and approved its submission.

  3. Competing interests: Authors state no conflict of interest.

  4. Informed consent: Parents of the child gave their written consent for anonymous publication.

  5. Ethical approval: Not applicable.


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Received: 2023-04-28
Accepted: 2023-06-06
Published Online: 2023-06-19
Published in Print: 2023-11-27

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