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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 27, 2011

Symposium Abstracts

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SYM 1 Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases

SYM 2 Diagnostic Challenges in Liver Disease

YR 1 Clinical Chemistry 2010 and Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges for the Next Decade

SYM 3 Tumor Markers in Cancer

IFCC 1 IFCC EMD/CPD Joint Symposium: ELearning and Distance Education in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

SYM 4 Kidney Diseasy – Acute and Chronic

DGKL 1 Role of Non-Medical Scientists in the Medical Laboratory (DGKL)

WS 1 Reporting HBA1C for Monitoring and Diagnosis: The Devils's in the Detail

SYM 5 From Bench to Bedside in Autoimmunity

SYM 6 Diabetes

WS 2 Emerging Infections at AFCB Countries

EFCC 1 How to Assess the Clinical Effectiveness of Laboratory

DGKL 2 Laboratory Medicine – Quo vadis? Conditions, Structure and Developmental Trends in Europe

INT 2 Pitfalls in the Hemostasiologic Diagnostics: Clinical Cases

SYM 7 Pharmacogenetics and Pharmagocenomics

YR 2 Infectious Diseases

WS 3 Oxidative Stress in Diabetes Mellitus

SYM 8 Infectious Diseases

IFCC 2 Biobanking and Laboratory Medicine: Two Resources for Modern Health Care

SYM 9 Haematology and Anaemia

WS 4 Update on Cardiac Troponin – Clinical and Laboratory Issues

SYM 10 Diagnostic Use and Value of Function Test in Endocrinology

SYM 11 Point of Care Testing – Practical Aspects

WS 5 Lessons from the Asian-Pacific Multicenter Reference Interval Study

EFCC 2 Accreditation Should Be Focused on More Than Well Organized Examinations With the Laboratory

DGKL 4 Quality Management according to the German Rilibaek: An International Perspective

WS 6 The 2009 Influenza Pandemic – Lessons Learned

SYM 12 Biomarkers in Acute and Chronic Brain Diseases

YR 3 Developments in Clinical Laboratory Practice

WS 7 Clinical Pharmacogenetics

SYM 13 Prenatal and Neonatal Screening

IFCC 3 Standardization in Molecular Diagnostics

SYM 14 Allergy Diagnostics

DGKL 5 Development of a Transcripting, Proteomic and Metabolomic Database for Human Blood Cells

WS 8 Molecular Diagnosis of Infection

SYM 15 New Developments in Haemostasiology

SYM 16 Contribution of Laboratory Medicine in Leukaemia

WS 9 What Papers Will Be Preferred in the Future Related to Laboratory Medicine? Editors Point of View

EFCC 3 A Scientific Approach to the Post-Analytical Phase

DGKL 6 Research Funding by the Foundation of Pathobiochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics of the DGKL – 10 Years on

INT 1 Challenges at the Clinical Interfaces

SYM 17 New Strategies in Molecular Diagnostic

SYM 18 Standardization and Quality Control Issues in Emerging and Developing Countries

WS 10 Standardisation of Complex Analyte Measurements: The Clinbiotrace Project

SYM 19 Current Challenges in the Pediatric Laboratory

EFCC 4 Standardization of the Pre-Analytical Phase for Markers

SYM 20 Vitamin D: Myth or Magic

IFCC-WASPaLM WS Chronic Kidney Disease – Developing a National Testing Program

WS 11 Biomarkers of Acute and Neurodegenerative Brain Damages

SYM 21 New Technologies in Clinical Application

SYM 22 Intertwining Emergency Medicine and Laboratory Medicine

WS 12 Joint Session with IAT DMCT Trends in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Personalized Immunosuppression

IFCC 4 Traceability, Standardisation, Harmonisation: Concepts and Implementation

WS 13 Vitamin Deficiency in Elderly People: Diagnosis, Prevention and Effect on Age-Related Diseases

WS 14 Novel Insights in Iron Metabolism: Implications for Diagnostic Medicine

Published Online: 2011-04-27
Published in Print: 2011-May

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