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ISW Abstracts

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Clinical and Economic Advances in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

The Value of Improved Workflow Solutions

Autonomous Biosensors – Technologies that Help to Bring Biomarkers to the Patient

The Clinical Utility of Multiplex Biochips for the Detection of Multiple STI's and Respiratory Pathogens

Diagnostic Accuracy of the New Zenit RA System for Detection of Celiac Disease-Related Antibodies and Automated Application of a Reflex Algorithm in IgA-Deficient Celiac Patients

Molecular and Serological HBV Markers as Drivers of Individualized Patients Care

HbA1C: New Breakthrough Technology for Laboratories Facing a Change of Paradigm

Using Active B12 (holotranscobalamin) to Diagnose Vitamin B12 Deficiency

New Breakthrough Technology for Laboratories Facing a Change of Paradigm

From Clinical Chemistry to Molecular Diagnostics: Innovative Solutions for Laboratory Automation and Organisation

New Horizons in Cellular Analysis

Diagnostic and Clinical Importance of Measuring Vitamin D Total

Troponin T High Sensitive: Applying the Guidelines to Hospital's Daily Life

Utility of Reflex Urine Culture Based on Results of Urinalysis and Automated Microscopy Using the Iris IQ200 Platform

TLA – The ‘Lean’ Alternative

Increasing Testing Efficieny in Laboratory Organizations from Pre to Post-Analytics

Counting the Cost of the Preanalytical Phase

New High-Performance Assays for the Determination of Free Light Chains Kappa and Lambda – Adding Consistency to Monitoring and Screening of Multiple Myeloma

Clinical MSMS – New Developments in Today's Laboratory

The Use of Multiplex Assays for Determining Predisposition to Hypertension

Novel Markers in Reproductive Endocrinology

FreeliteTM and HevyliteTM in Monoclonal Gammopathies: Improving Diagnosis, Monitoring and Prognosis Assessment

Vitamin D Dietary Reference Intakes: Implications and Significance in Clinical Practice

Roche – Delivering on the Promise of Personalised Healthcare

Photometric Assays for Determination of Sodium, Potassium, Chloride and Lithium

Current and Future Perspectives in Drugs of Abuse Screening; The Multiplex Approach

Traceability and Uncertainty of Catalytic Activity Measurements

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