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BY-NC-ND 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter September 22, 2018

Innovative Ventilation Technology for Operating Rooms

  • Sabine Gruber , Sebastian Buhl and Clemens Bulitta EMAIL logo


The purpose of this work was to evaluate the decontamination potential of the Potok system both in an experimental setting in a research Operating Room (OR) with standalone Air Decontamination Units (Potok 150-M-01) and in a clinical setting in a real operating theatre in Moscow. Our experiments showed an impact of the Potok units on the bacterial contamination of the room air according to the Swedish SIS-TS 39:2015 standard. For the initial measurements in our research OR in Weiden this could be shown by a decrease of the bacterial burden at all three different measurement points (OR table, instrumentation tray, periphery). Also the subsequently done measurements in the Moscow hospital verified this decontaminating effectivity of the Potok system. In this case the initial background contamination of the operating theatre was higher than in the research OR in Germany. This bacterial burden could be effectively decreased by the use of the installed Potok based ventilation system.

Published Online: 2018-09-22
Published in Print: 2018-09-01

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