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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter October 9, 2021

Selective electrical stimulation with current-field modulation

  • Halldór Kárason , Óskar Pilkington and Thordur Helgason


Selective electrical stimulation using a multielectrode array is a promising technique that can potentially bring electrical stimulation treatment modalities a step forward. A microcontroller-controlled electrical stimulator system delivering a single pulse was designed, suitable for current-field modulation. The goal is to make electrical stimulation with surface electrodes more specific. A graphical user interface (GUI) was developed to control stimulation parameters and current-field within a multi-electrode array wirelessly. The stimulator generates arbitrary biphasic waveforms with a 5-bit resolution and high temporal precision (<10 μs) and was demonstrated to stimulate posterior lumbar root fibers in transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation (tSCS) treatment selectively. Current-field modulation throughout a sixteen-electrode array was achieved. The system has the goal to improve control of stimulation conditions in electrophysiological studies and time-dependent and site-specific stimulation patterns for neuromodulation applications. A novel feature is the current-field modulation ability of the stimulator for surface electrode arrays.

Published Online: 2021-10-09
Published in Print: 2021-10-01

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This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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