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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter October 9, 2021

Evaluation of Streptococcus oralis adhesion and biofilm formation on laser-processed titanium

  • Katharina Doll , Vadim Veiko , Yulia Karlagina , Galina Odintsova , Nils Heine , Elena Egorova , Maxim Radaev , Boris Chichkov and Meike Stiesch


To prevent implant-associated infections, surface modifications need to be developed that prevent bacterial colonisation and biofilm formation. In the present study, titanium surfaces were processed by nanosecond-pulsed laser ablation to generate a variety of different structures (anatase, rutile, Osteon, as well as Osteon additionally coated with silver and clove nanoparticles). Analysis of adhesion and biofilm formation of the oral pioneer bacterium Streptococcus oralis could demonstrate antibacterial properties of anatase surfaces. For clinical translation, the effect should be enhanced by further adaption and combined with the osseointegrative Osteon structure

Published Online: 2021-10-09
Published in Print: 2021-10-01

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