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Celebrating CercleS: introductory notes to 30 years of professional activity in the field of language learning and teaching

Carmen Argondizzo and Gillian Mansfield

Abstract and acknowledgements

This introduction provides a glimpse of CercleS’ mission over the past 30 years, as clearly emerges in the contributions this issue contains. It is a Special Issue which celebrates the 30th anniversary of CercleS (1991-2021) and coincides with our being invited to become Editors-in-Chief of Language Learning in Higher Education, indeed a great honour for us. We would like to thank the present and past Executive Boards and Coordinating Committees for placing their faith and trust in us. We would also like to thank the authors who contributed to this special issue and the De Gruyter staff for their ongoing support. In this and future issues, we intend to carry forward the precious work of our predecessors, encouraging the CercleS community to continue to join forces in fostering best practices of modern language education both in Europe and the world at large.

Corresponding author: Carmen Argondizzo, Università della Calabria, Rende, Italy, E-mail:


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