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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 16, 2016

The burial M90 of Songze Culture at Dongshancun Site in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu

Nanjing Museum, Zhangjiagang Museum and Zhangjiagang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Television

From the journal Chinese Archaeology


The tomb M90 at Dongshancun Site in Zhangjiagang City is a vertical earthen shaft pit burial in rectangular plan, from which 65 pieces or sets of grave goods were unearthed, including pottery wares, jades and stone implements, making this burial yield the most artifacts in the burials of Songze Culture excavated to date. The date of this burial is about 5800 BP, or the early stage of the early phase of Songze Culture. The high-ranking large burials represented by M90 found at Dongshancun Site filled the gap of the archaeological discoveries of high-ranking burials of Songze Culture and advanced the emergence of the military or royal powers represented by stone yue-battle axes and stone adzes from the mid and late phases of Songze Culture to the early phase; the important phenomena such as the separate arrangements of burials of different ranks advanced the date of the major transformation of the prehistoric society, which has been widely accepted by the academic field, for at least 300 years.


The original report published in Kaogu 考 古 (Archaeology) 2015.3:3–19 with 47 illustrations was authored by Runken Zhou 周 润星, Yingfang Hu 胡颖芳, Chunfeng Qian 钱春峰 and Jun Qian 钱峻. This abridged version is prepared by Runken Zhou and Yingfang Hu and translated into English by Runxian Mo 莫润先.


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Published Online: 2016-11-16
Published in Print: 2016-11-27

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