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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter October 12, 2015

IUPAC Glossary of terms used in neurotoxicology (IUPAC Recommendations 2015)

  • Douglas M. Templeton , Michael Schwenk and John H. Duffus
From the journal Chemistry International

Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2015

Volume 87, Issue 8, pp. 841–927

A major goal of IUPAC is to promote “regulation, standardization, or codification” globally in relevant areas of chemistry. To this end, the Division of Chemistry and Human Health (Division VII), recognizing the importance of toxicology to chemists, produced the Glossary of Terms Used in Toxicology, 2nd ed., in 2007 [PAC 79, 1153 (2007)]. That glossary was intended to provide clear and concise definitions for a range of terms in toxicology and toxicokinetics, primarily for chemists who find themselves working in toxicology or requiring a working knowledge of the subject. It was also recognized that other scientists, regulators, and managers must from time to time interpret toxicological information, and it was hoped that the Glossary would also provide them with ready access to internationally accepted definitions of relevant terms. A number of subspecialties have broadened the scope of toxicology; in 2009 the Division expanded the collection of available definitions with publication of a Glossary of Terms Used in Ecotoxicology [PAC 81, 829 (2009)], and again in 2012 with a Glossary of Terms Used in Immunotoxicology [PAC 84, 1113 (2012)].

In the years since publication of the 2nd edition of the general glossary, we have recognized that a number of the terms continue to evolve and definitions need periodic refinement. It is also apparent that now a searchable, electronic database updating and combining entries from the previous glossaries is desirable, and achievable. A project to achieve this is underway, but at its inception we realized that some areas of toxicology had been under-represented, and addressing this deficit would enhance the usefulness of the database. One area felt to be under-represented was neurotoxicology, and the present document is an attempt to address this deficit.

The primary objective of this Glossary of Terms Used in Neurotoxicology is to give clear definitions for those who contribute to studies relevant to neurotoxicology, or must interpret them, but are not themselves neurotoxicologists, neuroscientists or physicians. This applies especially to chemists who need to understand the literature of neurotoxic effects of substances without recourse to a multiplicity of other glossaries or dictionaries. The Glossary includes terms related to basic and clinical neurology insofar as they are necessary for a self-contained document, and particularly terms related to diagnosing, measuring, and understanding effects of substances on the central and peripheral nervous systems. The glossary consists of about 800 terms as primary alphabetical entries, and includes Annexes of common abbreviations, and examples of chemicals with known effects on the nervous system. Intended to stand alone as an IUPAC Recommendation in the narrower field, it is also destined for integration into the revised, online Glossary of Terms Used in Toxicology, currently under construction.

The authors hope that among the groups who will find this glossary helpful, in addition to chemists, are toxicologists, pharmacologists, medical practitioners, risk assessors, and regulatory authorities. In particular, it should facilitate the worldwide use of chemistry in relation to occupational and environmental risk assessment.

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