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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter October 12, 2015

Polymers and Organic Chemistry

From the journal Chemistry International

Macromolecular Symposia Vol. 352, June 2015

Symposium Editor: Corneliu-Mircea Davidescu

The IUPAC-sponsored conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry, POC-2014, took place in Timisoara, Romania, 10-13 June 2014. The conference was organized by Politehnica University Timisoara with the support of the Timisoara Branch of the Romanian Society of Chemistry (SChR) and the Institute of Chemistry Timisoara of the Romanian Academy.

The conference was the 15th scientific event sponsored by IUPAC in a series that has continued the tradition of biannual meetings travelling from one continent to another since the 1st edition held in 1982 in Lyon, France. These meetings aim to present, discuss, and share recent results in the fields of polymer and organic chemistry, and in the synthesis and applications of polymers, in order to promote their importance in science and technology. The last editions of POC were held in:

Tianjin, China (9th Ed. 2000) → San Diego, USA (10th Ed. 2002) → Prague, Czech Republic (11th Ed. 2004) → Okazaki, Japan (12th Ed. 2006) → Montreal, Canada (13th Ed. 2009) → Doha, Qatar (14th Ed. 2012)

POC-2014 was recognized as a very successful scientific event, and was attended by over 100 registered participants from 28 countries (Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Switzerland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine and USA), located on 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America).

The conference presentations focused on 6 topics: advances in polymer synthesis; novel functional polymers; biocatalysis in polymer synthesis; polymers for catalysis and energy applications; polymers for separations and environmental protection; and polymers in medicine, biochemistry and agriculture. The main conference presentations were offered by 2 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Bogdan C. Simionescu, Department of Natural and Synthetic Polymers, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania, lectured on ‘‘Polymer engineering focusing on drug/gene delivery and tissue engineering: from simple towards complex architectures and hybrid materials’’; and Dr. Ghislain David, Institut Charles Gerhardt, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Montpellier, France, which lectured on ‘‘Phosphorus-containing polymers: New trends’’. Additionally, the conference featured 12 Plenary Invited Lectures delivered by prominent scientists from different countries, as well as 28 Oral Presentations. Two Poster Sessions, with 63 presentations, showcased the latest results obtained by younger scientists.

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