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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter January 11, 2016


9-13 May 2016, Poznan, Poland

From the journal Chemistry International

The 24th Annual World Forum on Advanced Materials will take place from Monday, 9 May until Friday, 13 May at the Poznan University of Technology. As is traditional with POLYCHAR events, short courses will be organized on the first day of the event.

The earlier conferences, POLYCHAR 1 to POLYCHAR 11, were held in the USA, and events thereafter were set up in various parts of the world: POLYCHAR 12 was in Portugal, POLYCHAR 13 in Singapore, POLYCHAR 14 in Japan, POLYCHAR 15 in Brazil, POLYCHAR 16 in India, POLYCHAR 17 in France, POLYCHAR 18 in Germany, POLYCHAR 19 in Nepal, POLYCHAR 20 in Croatia, POLYCHAR 21 in South Korea, POLYCHAR 22 as a gateway to Africa, and POLYCHAR 23 in the USA. POLYCHAR 24 is now taking place in Poland to attract students and young scientists from Europe, in particular neighboring countries, but also from all over the world.

This 24th Annual Forum on Advanced Materials will bring together professors, PhD students, students, and people from industry involved in theory, experiments, and computer simulations under one roof to achieve the systemic understanding of connections between structures, interactions, processing, and properties in polymer materials science. This is a long-term activity, not aimed at temporary fashions. From the very beginning one of the important aims of the conference has been to give young scientists a forum to present their results and to meet with distinguished scientists from all over the world.

Poznan is an important historic city in the context of establishing the Polish state at the end of 10th century. Poznan has a significant number of direct airplane connections. It is also a city easily reached from Berlin (280 km, by motorway or train) or from Warsaw (300 km). More specific information on getting to Poznan is includedon the web site. There are hotels and dormitories at various prices close to the Technical University campus. We hope to meet you all in Poznan!

Tomasz Sterzyński, Chair of the POLYCHAR 24

Published Online: 2016-1-11
Published in Print: 2016-1-1

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