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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter March 19, 2016


CHEMISTRY International March-April 2016 Volume 38 No. 2

From the journal Chemistry International

Officer’s Column

Secretary General’s Column by Richard Hartshorn 2


The Three-letter Element Symbols: Meddling Manner or Diplomatic Defusing? by Lars Öhrström and Norman E. Holden 4

Procedures for the Naming of a New Element by John Corish 9

The Chemical Structure Association Trust—Advancing Scientific Discovery for Fifty Years by Bonnie Lawlor 12


Discovery and Assignment of Elements with Atomic Numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118 16

Open Data in a Big Data World 17

UN Secretary General Appoints ICSU Executive Director to Special Advisory Group on the SDGs 18

Project Place

Company Associates Reengineering Project 19

Postgraduate Course in Polymer Science, Prague, Czech Republic 20

Critically Evaluated ESR (EPR) Spectra of Important Polymerization-related Radicals 21

Which Elements Belong in Group 3 of the Periodic Table? 22

Making an ImPACt

Discovery of the Elements with Atomic Numbers Z = 113, 115, 117 (IUPAC Technical Report) 24

Discovery of the Element with Atomic Number Z = 118 Completing the 7th Row of the Periodic Table (IUPAC Technical Report) 24

Glossary of Terms Used in Computational Drug Design, Part II (IUPAC Recommendations) 24

Standard Electrode Potentials Involving Radicals in Aqueous Solution: Inorganic Radicals (IUPAC Technical Report) 24

Maritime Pollutants in Shipping and Commercial European Ports Based on Relevant Physical and Biogeochemical Environmental Parameters (IUPAC Technical Report)25

Latest Updates from PAC Conferences & More—Brief 25

IUPAC Provisional Recommendations

Glossary of Terms Used in Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology 26

How to Name Atoms in Phosphates, Polyphosphates, their Analogues, and Transition State Analogues for Enzyme-catalysed Phosphoryl Transfer Reactions 26

Comprehensive Definition of Oxidation State 26

Stamps International

Berzelius and the Chemical Alphabet 27

Conference Call

Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop—Food and Environment 28

Ecological Risk Assessment 29

Where 2B & Y 30

Mark Your Calendar 35

Published Online: 2016-3-19
Published in Print: 2016-3-1

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