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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter March 19, 2016

Blood-Biomaterial Interactions

12-16 September 2016, Wellesley, MA, USA

From the journal Chemistry International

A limited understanding of the mechanisms underlying adverse reactions to foreign materials upon contact with blood continues to hinder the development of new clinical devices and advanced treatment options for cardiovascular disorders. Addressing the problem will require the efforts of practitioners from diverse fields: clinicians and engineers, chemists, biologists, and physicists. The goal of the BloodSurf2016 meeting is to bring them together.

Recognizing the key role of platelets in defining blood response to biomaterials, the organizers of Bloodsurf2016 joined efforts with the 9th Platelets International Symposium.

The Bloodsurf2016 conference will take four days. One day will be dedicated to the joint Platelets-Bloodsurf symposium. It comprises two sets of speakers, one set from the Bloodsurf conference (three invited, two contributed) and one set from the Platelets International symposium (three invited, two contributed). A poster session is also planned during the Bloodsurf conference. The posters will remain up during the joint Platelets-Bloodsurf symposium, thus allowing all the conference participants to take part in the joint symposium.

Invited Speakers include Maud Gorbet (Waterloo, Canada), Dan Schwartz (CO, USA), Hitesh Handa (University of Georgia, USA), Hans Peter Wendel (Tübingen, Germany), Mike Wolf (Medtronic, MN, USA), John Brash (McMaster, Canada), Lara Gamble (Seattle, WA, USA), Steffen Braune (Berlin, Germany), Lisa K. Jennings (Memphis, TN, USA), Buddy Ratner (Seattle, WA, USA), Andreas Straub (Tübingen, Germany), Thomas Lindahl (Linköping, Sweden), Chris Siedlecki (PA, USA), and Hong Chen (Soochow University, P. R. China).

This symposium is organized by Ilya Reviakine (KIT/Germany) and Robert Latour (Clemson University, SC, USA). This event secured financial support from IUPAC under its “New Directions in Chemistry” program.

Published Online: 2016-3-19
Published in Print: 2016-3-1

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