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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter September 13, 2016

Guide (and Brief Guide) to Polymer Semiconductors

From the journal Chemistry International

A new project, in association with the IUPAC Polymer Division, will develop both a full guide and a brief guide to clarify new terminology and nomenclature specific to macromolecular optoelectronics, device fabrication, and standard methods of characterization. This project will help to bring awareness of the chemical/technological advances to the widest audience, inspire the next generation of scientists, and to clarify terms used between disparate but inter-related science around polymer optoelectronics. Specifically, the full Guide to Polymer Semiconductors will introduce researchers, students, and a general scientific audience to common polymer semiconductor materials, their nomenclature, and terms used for the applications and standard methods used to characterize newly synthesized materials. This project will also result in the preparation of a concise 2- to 3-page Brief Guide to Polymer Semiconductors document that will act as a basic guide to studying the terminology for polymer semiconductors and will be readily accessible for new researchers. Journals and society magazines publishing in polymer science and related sciences will be encouraged to participate in the project.

The task group, chaired by Assistant Professor Michael G. Walter (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), will work with several researchers heavily involved in the field of polymer semiconductors, many of whom have already made significant contributions to the IUPAC Sub-Committee on Polymer Terminology and the Polymer Division.

For further information, contact the Task Group Chair Michael G. Walter <>

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