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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter September 13, 2016

Critical Evaluation of Equilibrium Constants of 4f Metal Mixed Complexes with Acidic (Chelating) Ligands in Combination with Various Organophosphorus O-donor Molecules

From the journal Chemistry International

A critical evaluation survey of equilibrium constants concerning the complexation of 4f-ions by acidic (chelating) ligands in combination with organophosphorus O-donor molecules in various molecular or ionic diluents with particular regard to synergism will be done during the execution of a project under IUPAC auspices. Stability constants of metal complexes are extremely important for academic and industrial research and are widely used in analytical chemistry. The subject is of utmost importance, and this contribution has the potential for wide application (geology, material science, metallurgy, metal recycling, industrial wastewater treatment, handling of radioactive waste, etc.). Solvent extraction is a distinguished process for metal refining that stands at the frontier between organic synthesis, analytical, physical, coordination, and green chemistry and is the only industrial technology for lanthanoids separation. Therefore, developing a database review containing useful information of already applied synergistic systems will offer opportunities to the scientists of diversified fields in chemistry and chemical technology to make comparisons, draw conclusions, and choose better ideas when planning their next research investigations. In terms of the increase of safety, prevention of pollution, and improvement of extraction efficiency, the research, development, and implementation of innovative green chemical technologies is indispensable. The very limited set of data available today concerning metal behavior in ionic liquids raise the hope for greater extraction efficiencies accompanied with increased selectivity.

This project is part of a series titled “Critical evaluation of stability constants of metal complexes in solution”.

For further information, contact the Task Group Chair Maria A. Petrova <>

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