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From the journal Chemistry International

Vice-President’s Column

IUPAC—Holding the International Chemistry Family Together 2

Stamps International

Reaching Out for the Sun 3


IChO-48—An Extraordinary Olympiad of Chemistry 4

SAICM Science Sector and IUPAC Activities 8

The Solar Army—Harry Gray’s Legacy to the Children of the World 12


Chemistry International Goes Seasonal 16

Future of the Chemical Sciences 16

IUPAC 2017 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering—Call for Nominations 17

2017 IUPAC-Solvay International Award For Young Chemists 17

IUPAC100 Logo Competition 18

UNESCO/PhosAgro/IUPAC Green Chemistry for Life Program 18

Hanwha Total IUPAC Young Scientist Award 2016 19

DSM Materials Sciences Award 2016 Goes to Professor Steven P. Armes 20

Wanted: A Home for an Orphaned Chemical Database 21

Project Place

Identifying International Chemical Identifier (InChI) Enhancements—QR Codes and Industry Applications 22

Categorizing Chalcogen, Pnictogen, and Tetrel Bonds, and Other Interactions Involving Groups 14-16 Elements 22

Standardization of Electrical Energy Per Order (EEO) Reporting for UV/H2O2 Reactors 24

Isotopes Matter 25

Materials on the Nanoscale—Uniform Description System 25

Making an ImPACt

How to Name New Chemical Elements 26

Vocabulary of Concepts and Terms in Chemometrics 26

Glossary of Terms Used in Extraction 26

Extraction for Analytical Scale Sample Preparation 26

Review of Footnotes and Annotations to the 1949–2013 Tables of Standard Atomic Weights and Tables of Isotopic Compositions of the Elements 27

Guidelines for Measurement of Luminescence Spectra and Quantum Yields of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds in Solution and Solid State 27


Storing Energy, with Special Reference to Renewable Energy Sources 28

Chemistry Beyond Chlorine 28

POLYCHAR 23—World Forum on Advanced Materials 28

Macromolecular Complexes Part I and II 28

Polymer-Solvent Complexes and Intercalates 29

A Draft Framework for Understanding SDG Interactions 29

Up for Discussion

Is It Possible to Extend the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog Priority Rules to Supramolecular Structures and Coordination Compounds Using Lone Pairs? 30

Preliminary Property Design for Ionic Solids and Liquids 32

Conference Call

New Chemistries for Phytomedicines and Crop Protection Chemicals 34

Science: How Close to Open? 36

Chemical Safety and Security in a Rapidly Changing World 38

POLYCHAR 24 World Forum Advanced Materials 39

Polymers and Organic Chemistry (POC-16) 42

Phosphorus Chemistry 43

Where 2B & Y 44

Mark Your Calendar 49

Index 2016 51

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